Talkmore Strøm

One source, three apps.

Talkmore is Telenors, the biggest Norwegian telco, low cost brand. As a part of their strategy to increase customer loyalty they provides cheap electricity to their customers as a line extension.

Talkmore Strøm needed a self care solution for their customers to follow and understand their electricity consumption, see their bill and follow the changing spot price.

First class self care solutions are the main reason our customer retention has increased by 260% the last year.
One source, three apps.

We need a triple-app solution for our self care use cases. Can you build it in Flutter for half the cost of comparable native solutions?

Staying true to the brand promise of helping the customer to cut costs, Talkmore has decided to develop their self care solutions in Flutter.

Flutter is a cross platform framework developed by Google that allow us to create high quality and performant Android, iOS and web apps with one source code. Reducing the development time, and then costs, considerably compared to developing the same products with native code. If you are interested in comparing cross platform technologies with native options you can read our article that covers Flutter, React and native.

Help understand consumption and invoice

The main purpose of the app is to make sure the customer understands their consumption and invoice. To ensure this we have built an intuitive overview over cost (money) and consumption (kWh) where the customer can navigate back in time and see hourly, daily, monthly and yearly consumption aggregated for different meters.

Historical and future spot prices are also shown in a simple, yet rich and understandable interface. Exemplifying what a given activity costs at the very moment adds to the experience and helps costumers understand the difference in prices.

Some features implemented in the app.

Grid rent

Norway has a complex system of grid rent, a way to charge for your utilization of the local grid and to make sure you distribute your consumption instead of having large peaks of usage.

The grid companies, several hundred in Norway, have different models for this and we had to calculate the grid rent for every customer based on their consumption and their grid company model. This was achieved building serverless backend for the app in Firebase and integrating with resources from Hark Technologies.


We built the app in third of the time and is continuously delivering improvements making sure the customers are happy.

Cross platform
Self care