Smaller screens have bigger opportunities.

Our sweetspot is the intersection between business, technology & design.

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About Apps

We are an international design & technology company, dedicated to create valuable digital products.

Apps was founded in 2008, at the dawn of the mobile revolution, when the internet became truly portable and the small screens grew big. A pivotal moment where the rules and expectations were redefined. We have always challenged the given and continue our quest to create easy-to-use solutions that tickles both parts of the brain.

We have two business areas — consulting and ventures. We see it as a best of two worlds. Developing our own startups provide us with the necessary insights and experience which allow us to give our consulting clients the very best advice.

Our team gets the importance of gaining momentum. Designed to travel light and move fast, we help our clients push forward. In other words, we know how to serve your early-stage needs and simultaneously have the muscle to help you in your entire lifecycle.

We believe innovations starts with the drive of competent and motivated people. That complex problems are best solved collaboratively. In the power of a great idea. And ambitious clients seeking to change the world, one byte at a time.

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Public mHealth.

The future of public health care is mobile and digital. We have worked with Helsenett to define the mobile experiences and strategies for providing mobile health care to the Norwegian public.


We can supercharge your team.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in all the fields needed for you to plan, build and manage successful digital products.

We are professional, humble, nice and fun to work with.

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In need of a new strategy? Or maybe you need someone to be in charge of your product, design or tech team? We can help.


Service design, interaction design, UI design, visual design, app design, web design. We do it all!


We speak and write in all languages. Frontend and backend. Native, web, cross and all in between.


Your product will have different need in its lifecycle. We believe in agile, long term and continuous improvements.

World class self service.

From nothing, we built a self service channel with a yearly revenue exceeding more than 100 million NOK. A spark of life for the digital telco and a key to the ongoing digitization of one of the biggest companies in Norway.

Teams for education.

The corona pandemic has digitized our shools in record time. Vigilo's new Microsoft Teams for Education app simplifies school days for students and workdays for teachers.

Space age retail system.

Baikingu is a cloud based retail point of sale system, so good that it is almost from a different galaxy. From post offices in Congo to fashion stores in Italy, Baikingu help retailers create unified commerce experiences.

A new way to do business.

Together with the brilliant people in Storebrand, we redefined how their advisers approach the sales process of their investments products and pension funds. The iPad now play a central role in the advisory and the revenue has doubled.


Together with our partner network we invest in and develop our own and others ideas. We believe technology is a key catalyst in the green shift and are focusing our efforts on startups in the green tech space.

Do you have an idea? Let us know. We can help develop your business case and product.

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Climate aware expenses.

Save money. Travel smarter & more sustainable.

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Expense management

Best of class expense management for employees, management and accounting.

Climate reporting

Complete overview of your business environmental impact. Ready for reporting to the authorities and others.

Policy engine

No need to be the bad guy. The system will enforce the policies and help you save money.


Fully customizable to fit your needs. Integrated and integratable with all major ERP systems.

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Camp Appiness

Our innovation farm at the vineyards of lake Balaton in Hungary. We use the camp for client kick-offs, workshops and other activities. When not booked for company events it is available for recreational use for all our employees.


Join our team.

We are always on the lookout for brilliant people to strengthen our team. If you believe in teamwork and are nice, humble and competent we might have a place for you. Feel free to submit an open application →


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Android and iOS developers